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What is the difference in fragrance concentration?香水濃度的區別?

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Fragrances are available in perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, or cologne form. The main differentiating factor of these is the concentration of aromatic compounds in a solvent – that is, how much fragrance is in the formula’s composition. The more actual perfume concentrate it contains, the longer the scent will last on your skin, and the more expensive the product. Following is a breakdown of these categories.


Perfume 香水

Perfume, also referred to as perfume extract, is the most concentrated formulation, and is usually the most expensive. It contains 20-30% aromatic compounds. Due to its high amount of aromatic compounds, it also tends to last the longest when applied to the skin. It is usually sold in small bottles of 1 ounce or less.


它含有20-30%的芳香族化合物。由於其大量的芳香族化合物,它在塗抹在皮膚上時也往往持續時間最長。它通常以 1 盎司或更少的小瓶裝出售。

Eau de Parfum (簡稱EDP)

Is the next most concentrated formula, and one of the most popular purchases. It consists of 15-20% aromatic compounds.


它由 15-20% 的芳香族化合物組成。

Eau de Toilette淡香水(簡稱EDT)

Eau de toilette is also a popular choice, and is less expensive than the perfume or parfum formulations, although its scent will not last as long when applied to the skin. Eau de toilette contains 5-15% aromatic compounds.

淡香水也是一種流行的選擇,它比香水或香精配方便宜,儘管它的香味在塗抹在皮膚上時不會持續很長時間。淡香水含有 5-15% 的芳香族化合物。

Cologne, or Eau de Cologne 古龍水

Eau de Cologne originated in Cologne, Germany. Today, it is a generic term that defines a class of scented formulations by its typical concentration of about 2-5%. Cologne products are available for either men or women, and are sometimes mistaken for aftershave, which is actually a formula containing moisturizer, an antiseptic agent, and perfume. In addition, aftershave can be a gel, lotion, or liquid.

古龍水起源於德國科隆。今天,它是一個通用術語,通過其約 2-5% 的典型濃度來定義一類香味配方。古龍水產品適用於男性或女性,有時會被誤認為須後水,它實際上是一種含有保濕劑、防腐劑和香水的配方。此外,須後水可以是凝膠、乳液或液體。

Eau Fraiche 清淡香水

The fragrance content is 1-2%, and the Huhoushui on the market belongs to this level, which can bring a refreshing feeling, but the fragrance lasts for a short time.


For any perfume concentration, be sure to keep the bottle tightly sealed and stored in a cool, dry place away from windows or direct sunlight or heat sources to maximize its shelf life. For best results, store opened bottles inside their boxes. Fragrances usually last three years from the date they were manufactured.


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